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Eclipse Arts

Pre-Order Eclipse Arts by Michelle Chastaine NOW!

A group of extraordinary seventh-graders embark on a journey to fame, but discover that fame comes with a price. Liska, Ephy, and Airin are overjoyed to finally attend their dream school, Eclipse Arts, where their talents and passions can truly shine.

However, their families pose a major obstacle. Ephy’s family expects her to become an instant superstar, while Liska’s love for music clashes with her family’s reputation. Airin, on the other hand, finds solace from a family curse through her singing.

Despite the challenges they face, Liska, Ephy, and Airin join forces and set their sights on winning the quad talent show, which marks a significant step towards achieving their dreams.

However, their families and their competition, particularly their classmate Oliver, will stop at nothing to prevent them from claiming victory, especially Airin.

Eclipse Arts is a delightful middle-grade fantasy suitable for children aged 8 to 12. This cosy fantasy is a good book for 4th graders and 5th graders who struggle with growing up and following their dreams. It offers a friendly and inviting tone that will captivate young readers.

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